The Everything Horse Care Book

Titre : The Everything Horse Care Book
Auteur : Chris Defilippis
Éditeur : Everything Books
ISBN-13 : 1593375301
Libération : 2006-03-08

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From feeding your horse right to curbing its bad habits, The Everything Horse Care Book is your one-stop reference for a happy and healthy horse! Experienced horse trainer Chris DiFilippis guides you through the steps necessary to care for your horse properly, no matter what its age or issues. Learn valuable tips such as: &break; Using the horse?s temperament and body language to determine problems&break; Identifying common health problems that are often easily missed&break; Stopping bad vices such as biting and kicking in their tracks&break; How to travel safely and comfortably with your horse&break; Setting up a safe environment for both you and your pet! &break;The Everything Horse Care Book is an all-inclusive guide to a healthy and happy life for your horse. Saddle up!

The Everything Horse Book

Titre : The Everything Horse Book
Auteur : Karen Leigh Davis
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781605507781
Libération : 2008-10-17

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The horse is a majestic animal that needs the utmost in care and love. Luckily for horse owners and appreciators, this fully revised and updated second edition is a detailed introduction to horse companionship and care. This handy guide features all you need to know about horses, including information on: Anatomy and physiology; Feeding and grooming; Traditional and alternative treatments for health problems; Dressage, jumping, and other types of horsemanship; Careers with horses; And more! This edition also includes completely new material on horse colors and markings, parasite control, training philosophies, entering horse shows, and more! The Everything Horse Book is an ideal gift for anyone who has ever been interested in our equestrian friends!

The Everything Horse Book

Titre : The Everything Horse Book
Auteur : Cheryl Kimball
Éditeur : Everything Books
ISBN-13 : 1580625649
Libération : 2002

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Packed with professional instructions on riding both Western and English style--as well as full color photos of various breeds--"The Everything Horse Book" is perfect for novices and skilled equestrians alike. Illustrations throughout. Two color.

Complete Horse Care Manual

Titre : Complete Horse Care Manual
Auteur : Colin Vogel
Éditeur : Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781405366366
Libération : 2011-02-01

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Comprehensive, fully illustrated and up-to-date, Complete Horse Care Manual is a thoroughbred guide to horse care. An excellent working relationship with your horse is based on understanding and communication. These lie at the heart of this practical guide. From day-to-day upkeep, stabling, and grooming, to nursing a sick horse and first-aid techniques, this accessible handbook will appeal to all horse lovers. With over 650 specially commissioned photographs and diagrams, step-by-step sequences tell you all you need to know about caring for your horse. A detailed guide to ailments allows you to recognize common problems and deal with them efficiently. Practical suggestions for daily, monthly, and annual routines will ensure you keep your horse healthy and comfortable throughout the year.

Horse Housekeeping

Titre : Horse Housekeeping
Auteur : Margaret Korda
Éditeur : Harper Collins
ISBN-13 : 0062032259
Libération : 2010-09-28

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In Horse Housekeeping, Margaret and Michael Korda (she is a successful novice- and training-level eventer and he is the author of Horse People) provide everything you need to know to set up a barn of your own and care for your horse (or horses) at home. Authoritative, inspirational, highly accessible, full of common sense and down-to-earth advice, all of it based on twenty-five years of experience, the Kordas' book is a basic resource for anybody who wants to keep horses in a safe, content, healthy, and cost-effective way at home, from detailed lists of things you need to have on hand to the basic (and not so basic) dos and don'ts of horse care. Divided into such useful chapters as "Fencing and Paddocks," "The Barn Routine," "The Care of the Horse," "People," "Feeding and Caring for the Horse," "Tack," "Horse Clothing," "Equipment," and "Care for the Aging Horse," it is helpfully illustrated and written in a voice that is at once informative, supportive, and full of funny (and not so funny) stories about horse housekeeping. The Kordas offer a unique and reliable guide to horse care that not only will be invaluable to beginner and experienced horse owners alike, but also is astonishingly readable. They take you through the steps of deciding if having a horse barn is practical for you, including helpful suggestions on space-saving barn designs, creating pastures, building fences, sample exercise routines, the right feed, the basics of horse health care, and the equipment needed for both horse care and property maintenance. This detailed, user-friendly compendium of down-home wisdom, entertaining stories, and straightforward horse sense will help you to set up a barn the right way, so you will have time to actually ride your horse.

Crazy about Horses

Titre : Crazy about Horses
Auteur : Molly Kolpin
Éditeur : Capstone Classroom
ISBN-13 : 9781491407134
Libération : 2014-07-01

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"Text and photos give readers information about horse riding and competitions, horse care, horse breeds, and general information"--

Everything Horse

Titre : Everything Horse
Auteur : Marty Crisp
Éditeur : Turtleback Books
ISBN-13 : 0606336966
Libération : 2005-06-01

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Answers many questions about horses, including habitat, diet, life cycle, history, speed, famous horses, and types of horses.

Natural Horse Care

Titre : Natural Horse Care
Auteur : Pat Coleby
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9780733630521
Libération : 2013-03-01

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This practical and definitive guide explains how to keep horses in excellent health the natural way. The vital roles of correct feed rations, vitamins and minerals in the health of a horse are fully explained; and practical guidance is given on topics such as selecting the right food, treating ailments with natural remedies, dealing with recovery from injury, and combating equine flu. Trainers, breeders and horsekeepers of all kinds will benefit enormously from Pat Coleby's many years of experience working with horses in the UK and Australia. She is a qualified vet, and also the author NATURAL PET CARE.

Feeding and Care of the Horse

Titre : Feeding and Care of the Horse
Auteur : Lon D. Lewis
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118695043
Libération : 2013-07-12

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This is the concise, easy-to-use version of Dr. Lewis's Equine Clinical Nutrition, Feeding and Care. It includes a full-color section identifying toxic plants and provides practical information on the diversified effects of different nutrients, feeds and supplements on a horse's athletic performance, reproduction, growth, hooves, appetite, behavior and disease. The book can help prevent common, but expensive problems in horses of all ages.

The Everything Horseback Riding Book

Titre : The Everything Horseback Riding Book
Auteur : Cheryl Kimball
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781440523496
Libération : 2005-10-17

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So, you want to ride, but you don't know a halter from a harness? Have no fear - The Everything Horseback Riding Book is packed with helpful tips on clothing, equipment, and techniques to get you started! Author Cheryl Kimball gives you such clear, step-by-step instruction that even cinching will be a cinch. From finding the right instructor to mastering the trot and the canter, this guide has it all! Learn more about: Safety tips and tricks What to wear-and how and when to wear it English vs. Western Arena work and trail riding Horseback riding activities Horse shows ands competitions Vacation spots for riders The Everything Horseback Riding Book is your key to the skills necessary to be a confident and prepared rider!