N de la terre

Titre : N de la terre
Auteur : Nicole Loraux
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015038528801
Libération : 1996

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Nicole Loraux A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de N de la terre Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Private Lives Public Deaths

Titre : Private Lives Public Deaths
Auteur : Jonathan Strauss
Éditeur : Fordham Univ Press
ISBN-13 : 9780823251322
Libération : 2013-07

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Private Lives, Public Deaths draws on classical studies, Hegel, and modern philosophical analyses to describe how Sophocle's tragedy Antigone expresses a key concern of ancient Greek culture: the value of a living individual.

The Athenian Nation

Titre : The Athenian Nation
Auteur : Edward Cohen
Éditeur : Princeton University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781400824663
Libération : 2009-01-10

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Challenging the modern assumption that ancient Athens is best understood as a polis, Edward Cohen boldly recasts our understanding of Athenian political and social life. Cohen demonstrates that ancient sources referred to Athens not only as a polis, but also as a "nation" (ethnos), and that Athens did encompass the characteristics now used to identify a "nation." He argues that in Athens economic, religious, sexual, and social dimensions were no less significant than political and juridical considerations, and accordingly rejects prevailing scholarship's equation of Athens with its male citizen body. In fact, Cohen shows that the categories of "citizen" and "noncitizen" were much more fluid than is often assumed, and that some noncitizens exercised considerable power. He explores such subjects as the economic importance of businesswomen and wealthy slaves; the authority exercised by enslaved public functionaries; the practical egalitarianism of erotic relations and the broad and meaningful protections against sexual abuse of both free persons and slaves, and especially of children; the wide involvement of all sectors of the population in significant religious and local activities. All this emerges from the use of fresh legal, economic, and archaeological evidence and analysis that reveal the social complexity of Athens, and the demographic and geographic factors giving rise to personal anonymity and limiting personal contacts--leading to the creation of an "imagined community" with a mutually conceptualized identity, a unified economy, and national "myths" set in historical fabrication.

The Flood Myths of Early China

Titre : The Flood Myths of Early China
Auteur : Mark Edward Lewis
Éditeur : SUNY Press
ISBN-13 : 0791466647
Libération : 2006-06-01

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Explores how the flood myths of early China provided a template for that society's major social and political institutions.

The Birth of Territory

Titre : The Birth of Territory
Auteur : Stuart Elden
Éditeur : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 9780226041285
Libération : 2013-09-09

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Territory is one of the central political concepts of the modern world and, indeed, functions as the primary way the world is divided and controlled politically. Yet territory has not received the critical attention afforded to other crucial concepts such as sovereignty, rights, and justice. While territory continues to matter politically, and territorial disputes and arrangements are studied in detail, the concept of territory itself is often neglected today. Where did the idea of exclusive ownership of a portion of the earth’s surface come from, and what kinds of complexities are hidden behind that seemingly straightforward definition? The Birth of Territory provides a detailed account of the emergence of territory within Western political thought. Looking at ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and early modern thought, Stuart Elden examines the evolution of the concept of territory from ancient Greece to the seventeenth century to determine how we arrived at our contemporary understanding. Elden addresses a range of historical, political, and literary texts and practices, as well as a number of key players—historians, poets, philosophers, theologians, and secular political theorists—and in doing so sheds new light on the way the world came to be ordered and how the earth’s surface is divided, controlled, and administered.

La mythologie du matriarcat

Titre : La mythologie du matriarcat
Auteur : Philippe Borgeaud
Éditeur : Librairie Droz
ISBN-13 : 2600003509
Libération : 1999

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Ce livre est une enquête sur l'invention de l'idée matriarcale. Immense rêverie érudite sur l'émergence du masculin à partir du règne des mères, mêlant le mythe à l'histoire, le Droit maternel de Johann Jakob Bachofen (1861) apparaît comme la plus ancienne théorie systématique du " stade matriarcal ". Pour comprendre la genèse d'une telle hypothèse visionnaire, les auteurs ont pénétré dans l'atelier du grand bourgeois savant et secret que côtoie Friedrich Nietzsche. Ils ont déchiffré, dans les archives consacrées à Bâle, ses notes de lecture et ses esquisses, parfois monumentales. C'est ainsi qu'ils présentent, entre autres, le contenu inédit d'un ouvrage antérieur demeuré inachevé, L'ancienne Italie, où s'opère la cristallisation du système. Ce livre, fruit d'un travail d'équipe, est le premier consacré en français à la théorie de Bachofen.

The Judge and the Spectator

Titre : The Judge and the Spectator
Auteur : Dana Richard Villa
Éditeur : Peeters Publishers
ISBN-13 : 9042907819
Libération : 1999-01-01

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Since early texts as "Thinking and Politics," Arendt had highlighted the contrast between philosophical and political thinking and compelled herself to find a satisfactory answer to the question: "how do philosophy and politics relate?." In her last work "Lectures on Kant's Political Philosophy" (1982), Arendt analyses the "political" dimensions of Kant's critical thinking. To think critically implies taking the viewpoints of others into account: one has to "enlarge" one's own mind by comparing our judgement with the possible judgements of others. While thinking remains a solitary activity, it does not cut itself off from all others.The essays in this book address the philosophical and moral questions raised by Arendt's attempt to draw out the political implications of "critical thinking" in Kant's sense. In one way or another, they all address the place of judgment in Arendt's thought. Arendt's turn to Kant and The Critique of Judgment was motivated by her desire to find a form of philosophizing that was not hostile to politics and the public realm. But did she really think that Kant's characterization of the judging spectator pointed the way out of the opposition between the universal and the particular, between looking at things sub specie aeternitatis and looking at things from a political point of view? To what extent did she think that Kant was successful in revealing a mode of thought oriented towards public persuasion, yet one which retained its critical independence?Each of the essays wrestles with the complexities of a complex thinker. They remind us that critical thinking or Selbstdenken is among the most difficult and rare arts, even though it is an art potentially accessible to everyone. They also remind us that Hannah Arendt was a virtuoso of this art, and of how her example points the way toward a renewal of judgment as the political faculty par excellence.

Esclavage antique et discriminations socio culturelles

Titre : Esclavage antique et discriminations socio culturelles
Auteur : Vasilis I. Anastasiadis
Éditeur : Peter Lang
ISBN-13 : 3039108247
Libération : 2005-01

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Les vingt-cinq etudes reunies dans ce volume sont consacrees a l'esclavage et aux differents phenomenes de dependance sociale durant l'antiquite. Les sujets etudies couvrent un large eventail qui va du mythe a la science du droit, de la Grece ancienne a Rome, de l'epoque geometrique a l'Antiquite tardive. Leur diversite illustre les multiples facettes de l'esclavage et de la dependance, dont le reflet se repercute a tous les volets de l'organisation sociale sans exception. Les contributions montrent egalement, a travers nombre d'exemples, comment les discriminations socio-culturelles semblent definir de maniere substantielle la physionomie et l'action des sujets historiques."

The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy

Titre : The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy
Auteur : Johann P. Arnason
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118561676
Libération : 2013-04-29

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The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy presents a series of essays that trace the Greeks’ path to democracy and examine the connection between the Greek polis as a citizen state and democracy as well as the interaction between democracy and various forms of cultural expression from a comparative historical perspective and with special attention to the place of Greek democracy in political thought and debates about democracy throughout the centuries. Presents an original combination of a close synchronic and long diachronic examination of the Greek polis - city-states that gave rise to the first democratic system of government Offers a detailed study of the close interactionbetween democracy, society, and the arts in ancient Greece Places the invention of democracy in fifth-century bce Athens both in its broad social and cultural context and in the context of the re-emergence of democracy in the modern world Reveals the role Greek democracy played in the political and intellectual traditions that shaped modern democracy, and in the debates about democracy in modern social, political, and philosophical thought Written collaboratively by an international team of leading scholars in classics, ancient history, sociology, and political science

Ethnies nations et d veloppement en Afrique quelle gouvernance

Titre : Ethnies nations et d veloppement en Afrique quelle gouvernance
Auteur : Scholastique Dianzinga
Éditeur : Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN-13 : 9782336379449
Libération : 2015-05-01

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En 1962, quelques années seulement après que la parenthèse coloniale eut commencé à se fermer, un agronome français, René Dumont, osa ce pronostic : "l'Afrique noire est mal partie". Que de protestations ! Pourtant, plus de 50 ans après les indépendances, le continent africain est à la peine et patine. L'explication : la mal gouvernance. Du fait de ses ethnies, l'Afrique fait face à un épouvantable écueil ! Elle n'arrive pas à se constituer en nations ! Il importait donc d'agir, de réfléchir autour de cette problématique.