The Walking Man

Titre : The Walking Man
Auteur : Jiro Taniguchi
Éditeur : Ponent Mom S L
ISBN-13 : 1908007427
Libération : 2014-02

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The Walking Man is a reprint of Jiro Taniguchi's most cherished title. It is a book in which nothing happens but everything occurs. The Walking Man follows a modern day Japanese business man as he strolls at random through urban Japan - often silent, usually alone - with his vivid dreams that let time stand still. Join him as he climbs a tree in bare feet, takes time out to observe the birds, plays in the puddles after the rain and returns a shell to the sea. It is an ideal way for readers and graphic novel-lovers to relax.

A Distant Neighborhood Complete Edition

Titre : A Distant Neighborhood Complete Edition
Auteur : Taniguchi Jiro
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1910856037
Libération : 2016-07-28

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Hiroshi Nakahara is a forty-something salary man returning to Tokyo from an intense business trip when he is catapulted back into his fourteen year-old life and body whilst retaining all the character and experience of the adult. Will he change his past or be forever condemned to relive each painful moment? That fateful day his father disappeared without explanation, the death of his mother ... would he marry his childhood sweetheart and never see his wife and daughters again? Master manga-ka Taniguchi at his most powerful.

Guardians of the Louvre

Titre : Guardians of the Louvre
Auteur : Jiro Taniguchi
Éditeur : Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing
ISBN-13 : 1681120348
Libération : 2016-05-01

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A famous manga artist provides the latest entry in the Louvre collection of graphic novels. After a group trip to Europe, a Japanese designer stops in Paris alone, intent on visiting the museums of the capital. But, bedridden in his hotel room with fever, he faces the absolute solitude of one suffering in a foreign land, deprived of any immediate or familiar recourse. When the fever breaks somewhat, he sets out on his visit and promptly gets lost in the crowded halls of the Louvre. Very soon, he discovers many unsuspected facets to this world in a museum, meeting artists and their works from various periods, in a journey oscillating between feverish hallucination and reality, finishing at the crossroads between human and personal history. With this inner journey, Jiro Taniguchi invites us on a temporal and artistic trip to discover a sense of place under the leadership of some tutelary figures that appear to him, familiar or unknown ... the guardians of the Louvre.

A Zoo in Winter

Titre : A Zoo in Winter
Auteur : Jirō Taniguchi
Éditeur : Ponent Mom S L
ISBN-13 : 1908007044
Libération : 2011

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Hamaguchi, who dreams of becoming an artist, moves to Tokyo and starts to work in the studios of a famous manga artist, were he discovers both the long hours of meeting studio deadlines and the nightlife and artistic haunts of the capital.

The Times of Botchan

Titre : The Times of Botchan
Auteur : Natsuo Sekikawa
Éditeur : Ponent Mom S L
ISBN-13 : 8496427129
Libération : 2007-06-01

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This is the fictionalized version of the life and times of Japanese author [b]Natsume Soseki[/b] during an era of great change in Japan from the traditional Edo period into the modern Meiji period (1867 - 1912). [b]Soseki[/b] is considered the Charles Dickens or Mark Twain of Japan. His image even appeared on the 1000 yen note for two decades. He is best known for his novel [i]Botchan[/i], on whose times this book is based, and the short [i]I Am A Cat[/i] which is integrated into these pages. In this [b]third volume[/b] we learn of the love between Army Medical Officer and poet [b]?gai Mori[/b] and the German dancer [b]Elise Weigert[/b] aka Autumn's Ballerina[b]Taniguchi[/b] marries talent to a solid script by [b]Sekikawa[/b] to create a fresco of Japanese society towards the end of the Meiji period as Japan was beginning to open up to the West. What could have been simply an illustrated textbook becomes, in these capable hands, a narrative for adults of great artistic and historical significance.


Titre : Furari
Auteur : Jiro Taniguchi
Éditeur : Ponent Mom S L
ISBN-13 : 190800729X
Libération : 2015-05-01

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Jiro Taniguchi returns with this delightful and insightful tale of life in a Japan long forgotten. Inspired by an historical figure, Tadataka Ino (1745 - 1818), Taniguchi invites us to join this unnamed but appealing and picturesque figure as he strolls through the various districts of Edo, the ancient Tokyo, with its thousand little pleasures. Now retired from business he surveys, measures, draws and takes notes whilst giving free rein to his taste for simple poetry and his inexhaustible capacity for wonder.

Stitched Gifts

Titre : Stitched Gifts
Auteur : Jessica Marquez
Éditeur : Chronicle Books
ISBN-13 : 9781452120522
Libération : 2013-01-25

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From Jessica Marquez, founder of the popular blog and shop Miniature Rhino, Stitched Gifts offers irresistible embroidery projects for every occasion—weddings, holidays, baby showers, anniversaries, or just because. Each project is rendered in Marquez's signature natural, modern style and can be easily personalized for truly meaningful keepsakes. Featuring an illustrated stitch dictionary, striking photographs, plus a section on creative finishing techniques such as staining hoops, framing, and more, this distinctly beautiful craft book has something for embroiderers of all skill levels.

Samurai Legend

Titre : Samurai Legend
Auteur : Kan Furuyama
Éditeur : Central Park Media Corporation
ISBN-13 : 158664856X
Libération : 2003

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The ultimate samurai story! From the pages of history comes the legend of the Samurai Jubei and the book he has pledged to protect. The book has been stolen, and Jubei must retrieve it before Japan descends into bloody civil war.

Book of My Mother

Titre : Book of My Mother
Auteur : Albert Cohen
Éditeur : Archipelago
ISBN-13 : 9781935744542
Libération : 2012-04-10

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Shortly after Albert Cohen left France for London to escape the Nazis, he received news of his mother’s death in Marseille. Unable to mourn her, he expressed his grief in a series of moving pieces for La France libre, which later grew into Book of My Mother. Achingly honest, intimate, and moving, this love song is a tribute to all mothers. Cohen himself expressed, "I shall not have written in vain if one of you, after reading my hymn of death, is one evening gentler with his mother because of me and my mother." From the Trade Paperback edition.

Swann s Way

Titre : Swann s Way
Auteur : Marcel Proust
Éditeur : Marcel Proust
ISBN-13 : 9788826044132
Libération : 2017-03-29

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Swann’s Way is The first volume of the book “In serch of the lost time”, that established Proust as one of the finest voices of the modern age-satirical, skeptical, confiding, and endlessly varied in his response to the human condition. Swann’s Way also stands on its own as a perfect rendering of a life in art, of the past re-created through memory.