DCG 2 Droit des soci t s 2017 2018 11e d Manuel et applications

Titre : DCG 2 Droit des soci t s 2017 2018 11e d Manuel et applications
Auteur : France Guiramand
Éditeur : Dunod
ISBN-13 : 9782100766956
Libération : 2017-05-31

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Tout le programme du DCG 2, Droit des sociétés, présenté de façon claire, rigoureuse et efficace, en alliant l'exposé théorique et la mise en pratique pour une parfaite maîtrise des connaissances et l'assurance de la réussite : L’entreprise en société : contrat de société, personne morale, droit comparé... La constitution, le fonctionnement, le contrôle et la dissolution d’une société Les principaux types de sociétés : SARL, société anonyme, SAS, société en nom collectif, société civile Les autres types de groupement : société en commandite, société d’exercice libéral, société coopérative, société d'économie mixte, GIE et GEIE, association Le droit pénal des groupements d’affaires : action publique, infractions générales et spécifiques

DCG 2 Droit des soci t s et autres groupements d affaires Manuel et applications 8e dition

Titre : DCG 2 Droit des soci t s et autres groupements d affaires Manuel et applications 8e dition
Auteur : Françoise Rouaix
Éditeur : Foucher
ISBN-13 : 9782216130085
Libération : 2014-08-27

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L’intégralité du programme de l’épreuve no2 Droit des sociétés et autres regroupements d’affaires du DCG Pour chaque thème clé : - Toutes les connaissances fondamentales de l’environnement juridique des entreprises organisées en société au travers d’un cours structuré - L’essentiel avec des fiches de synthèses - Des exercices d’application, des tests et des QCM - La méthodologie pour réussir l’épreuve en bénéficiant de conseils Mise à jour des dernières dispositions réglementaires 2014

Livres hebdo

Titre : Livres hebdo
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105133607395
Libération : 2010-03

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Livres hebdo Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Droit des soci t s DCG preuve 2 Manuel et Applications

Titre : Droit des soci t s DCG preuve 2 Manuel et Applications
Auteur : Patrick Dalion
Éditeur : Nathan
ISBN-13 : 9782098123656
Libération :

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- Un cours clair, structuré et détaillé, illustré de très nombreux exemples pour mémoriser rapidement les principales notions - Une partie "La pratique" pour se familiariser avec les documents des professionnels (types de contrats, extraits de jurisprudence, doctrine, etc.) - Des applications nombreuses sous forme de quiz, de QCM pour tester ses connaissances et de cas pratiques pour aborder les différents cas du droit des sociétés et se préparer dans des conditions similaires à celles de l'examen Également disponibles : les corrigés des applications et la méthodologie adaptée réunis dans l'ouvrage d'accompagnement du manuel intitulé "Corrigés des Applications"

Livres de France

Titre : Livres de France
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105133607080
Libération : 2009-05

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Livres de France Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.


Titre : Neuro
Auteur : Nikolas S. Rose
Éditeur : Princeton University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780691149615
Libération : 2013

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The brain sciences are influencing our understanding of human behavior as never before, from neuropsychiatry and neuroeconomics to neurotheology and neuroaesthetics. Many now believe that the brain is what makes us human, and it seems that neuroscientists are poised to become the new experts in the management of human conduct. Neuro describes the key developments--theoretical, technological, economic, and biopolitical--that have enabled the neurosciences to gain such traction outside the laboratory. It explores the ways neurobiological conceptions of personhood are influencing everything from child rearing to criminal justice, and are transforming the ways we "know ourselves" as human beings. In this emerging neuro-ontology, we are not "determined" by our neurobiology: on the contrary, it appears that we can and should seek to improve ourselves by understanding and acting on our brains. Neuro examines the implications of this emerging trend, weighing the promises against the perils, and evaluating some widely held concerns about a neurobiological "colonization" of the social and human sciences. Despite identifying many exaggerated claims and premature promises, Neuro argues that the openness provided by the new styles of thought taking shape in neuroscience, with its contemporary conceptions of the neuromolecular, plastic, and social brain, could make possible a new and productive engagement between the social and brain sciences. Copyright note: Reproduction, including downloading of Joan Miro works is prohibited by copyright laws and international conventions without the express written permission of Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

The 10 Entrepreneur

Titre : The 10 Entrepreneur
Auteur : Patrick J. McGinnis
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9780698402775
Libération : 2016-04-12

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Choosing between the stability of a traditional career and the upside of entrepreneurship? Why not have both? Becoming a full-time entrepreneur can look glamorous from the outside. Who doesn’t want to chase their dreams, be their own boss, and do what they love? But the truth is that entrepreneurship is often a slog, with no regular hours, no job security, and very little pay. What if there was a way to have the stability of a day job with the excitement of a startup? All of the benefits of entrepreneurship with none of the pitfalls? In The 10% Entrepreneur, Patrick McGinnis shows you how, by investing just 10% of your time and resources, you can become an entrepreneur without losing a steady paycheck. McGinnis details a step-by-step plan that takes you from identifying your first entrepreneurial project to figuring out the smartest way to commit resources to it. He shows you how to select and engage in projects that will provide you with upside outside the office while making your better at your day job. He also profiles real-world 10% Entrepreneurs such as... •Luke Holden, a cash-strapped recent college graduate, who started his own lobster-roll empire and oversaw much of its first year of operations, all while working full time in corporate America •Dipali Patwa, a designer and mom whose side project designing and selling infant clothing is now a sensation. •A group of friends who met at a 6am Bible study class and went on to start a brewery that now generates millions in sales . A successful 10% Entrepreneur himself, McGinnis explains the multiple paths you can follow to invest your cash, time, and expertise in a start-up—including as a founder, angel, adviser, or aficionado. Most importantly, you don’t have to have millions in disposable income to become a 10% Entrepreneur. When you put McGinnis’s 10% principles into action, you’ll quickly start racking up small wins, then watch as they snowball into your new (and far more entrepreneurial) life. From the Hardcover edition.


Titre : Hypercompetition
Auteur : Richard A. D'aveni
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781439122631
Libération : 2010-05-11

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General Motors and IBM have been battered to their cores. Jack Welch, the chairman of General Electric, called the frenzied competition of the 1980's "a white knuckle decade" and said the 1990s would be worse. In this pathbreaking book that will define this new age of "hypercompetition," Richard D'Aveni reveals how competitive moves and countermoves escalate with such ferocity today that the traditional sources of competitive advantage can no longer be sustained. To compete in this dynamic environment, D'Aveni argues that a company must fundamentally shift its strategic focus. He constructs a brilliant operational model that shows how firms move up "escalation ladders" as advantage is continually created, eroded, destroyed, and recreated through strategic maneuvering in four arenas of competition. Using this "Four Arena" analysis, D'Aveni explains how competitors engage in a struggle for control by seeking leadership in the arenas of "price and quality," "timing and know-how," "stronghold creation/invasion," and "deep pockets." Winners set the pace in each of these four competitive battlegrounds. Using hundreds of detailed examples from hypercompetitive industries such as computers, software, automobiles, airlines, pharmaceuticals, toys and soft drinks, D'Avenie demonstrates how hypercompetitive firms succeed in dynamic markets by disrupting the status quo and creating a continuous series of temporary advantages. They seize the initiative, D'Aveni explains, by employing a set of strategies he calls the "New 7-S's" Superior Stakeholder Satisfaction, Strategic Soothsaying, Speed, Surprise, Shifting the Rules of Competition, Signaling Strategic Intent, and Simultaneous and Sequential Thrusts. Paradoxically, firms must destroy their competitive advantages to gain advantage, D'Aveni shows. Long-term success depends not on sustaining an advantage through a static, long-term strategy, but instead on formulating a dynamic strategy for the creating, destruction, and recreation of short-term advantages. America must embrace the new reality of hypercompetition, D'Aveni concludes in a compelling analysis of the potential chilling effect of American antitrust laws on competitiveness. This masterful book, essentially an operating manual of strategy and tactics for a new era, will be required reading for managers, planners, consultants, academics, and students of hypercompetitive industries.

Advanced Corporate Finance

Titre : Advanced Corporate Finance
Auteur : Joseph P. Ogden
Éditeur : Pearson College Division
ISBN-13 : 0130915688
Libération : 2003

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The first book devoted exclusively to modern advanced corporate finance, this volume provides a comprehensive exploration of theoretical and empirical literature on corporate financial policies and strategies—particularly those of U.S. nonfinancial firms—defined in rational, economic terms. Throughout, Cases in Point show theory in relation to financial decisions made by specific firms; and Real-World Focus highlights numerous articles from the financial press, providing insights from practitioners' points of view. Empirical Perspectives On The Financial Characteristics Of Publicly Traded U.S. Nonfinancial Firms. Valuation And Financing Decisions In An Ideal Capital Market. Separation Of Ownership And Control, Principal-Agent Conflicts, And Financial Policies. Information Asymmetry And The Markets For Corporate Securities. The Roles Of Government, Securities Markets, Financial Institutions, Ownership Structure, Board Oversight, And Contract Devices. The Leverage Decision. Analyses Of The Firm And The Valuation Of Equity And Debt. Industry Analysis And Financial Policies And Strategies. The Firm's Environment, Governance, Strategy, Operations, And Financial Structure. Market Efficiency, Event Studies, Cost Of Equity Capital, And Equity Valuation. Corporate Bonds: Terms, Issuance, And Valuation. Private Equity And Venture Capital. Initial Public Offerings Of Stock. Managing Internal Equity And Seasoned Equity Offerings. Dividend Policy And Stock Repurchases. Corporate Liabilities: Strategic Selections Of Lenders And Contract Terms. Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers, And Buyouts. Financial Distress And Restructuring. Debt Restructuring, Being Acquired, Bankruptcy, Reorganization, And Liquidation. Organizational Architecture, Risk Management, And Security Design. For CEOs and CFOs of corporations, senior lending officers at commercial banks, and senior officers and analysts at investment banks.