Dans la peau d un chef de gang

Titre : Dans la peau d un chef de gang
Auteur : Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 2211203752
Libération : 2011

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Sudhir Venkatesh, étudiant en sociologie à l’université de Chicago, participe, sous la direction d’un grand professeur, à un nouveau projet de recherche. Il s’agit d’étudier les jeunes Noirs des cités HLM de Lake Park, un ghetto où la police et les ambulances n’entrent plus. La méthode : poser des questions élaborées par ses aînés, afin de générer des données scientifiques. Exemple : comment se sent-on quand on est noir et pauvre ? A : très bien. B : bien. C : assez bien. D : moyennement bien. E : pas bien du tout... Le type qui a formulé cette question est-il seulement déjà sorti de la bibliothèque ? C’est ce que se demande Sudhir lorsqu’il se retrouve dans la cage d’escalier d’une des barres de Lake Park, face à un colosse armé jusqu’aux dents absolument persuadé qu’il appartient à un gang rival. Il faudra que J T, le chef des Black Kings, ceux qui contrôlent le quartier, prenne in extremis le jeune étudiant sous son aile. « Tu ne comprendras rien avec tes questions à la noix, lui dit-il. En revanche, si tu voulais, je pourrais te montrer comment on s’organise pour survivre quand on est un “négro” à Chicago ».

Radio Congo

Titre : Radio Congo
Auteur : Ben Rawlence
Éditeur : Oneworld Publications
ISBN-13 : 9781780740959
Libération : 2012-06-01

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While poring over dust-caked pamphlets in the library, Ben Rawlence stumbles upon the photo of a lost city of colonial Congo--a glistening, modern metropolis built by huge tin mines and European capitalists. Today, that city, Manono, sits beyond the infamous “Triangle of Death,” in an area rarely reached by outsiders since war turned the country’s rivers to blood. In this compelling debut, Rawlence sets out to gather the news from this ghost town in one of the most dangerous places in the world. Ignoring the advice of locals, reporters, and mercenaries, he travels by foot, motorbike, and canoe, taking his time and meeting the people who are rebuilding their homes with hope, faith, and nervous instinct. We meet Benjamin, the kindly father of the most terrifying Mai Mai warlord; Leya, who happily gives up a good job in Zambia to return to her razed town; Colonel Ibrahim, a guerrilla turned army officer; the Lebanese cousins Mohammed and Mohammed, who oversee the remains of Manono’s great mine; the priest Jean-Baptiste, who explains the conjoined prices of beer and normality; and the talk-show host Mama Christine, who dispenses counsel and courage in equal measure. From the “blood cheese” of Goma to the decaying city of Manono, Rawlence shares the real story of Congo during and after the war, and finds not just a lost city but the seeds of a peaceful future.

Oliver Twist Level 6 Oxford Bookworms Library

Titre : Oliver Twist Level 6 Oxford Bookworms Library
Auteur : Charles Dickens
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780194786287
Libération : 2012-02-10

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A level 6 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader. Retold for Learners of English by Richard Rogers. London in the 1830s was no place to be if you were a hungry ten-year-old boy, an orphan without friends or family, with no home to go to, and only a penny in your pocket to buy a piece of bread. But Oliver Twist finds some friends - Fagin, the Artful Dodger, and Charley Bates. They give him food and shelter, and play games with him, but it is not until some days later that Oliver finds out what kind of friends they are and what kind of 'games' they play . . .

Off the Books

Titre : Off the Books
Auteur : Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh
Éditeur : Harvard University Press
ISBN-13 : 0674044649
Libération : 2009-06-30

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In this revelatory book, Sudhir Venkatesh takes us into Maquis Park, a poor black neighborhood on Chicago's Southside, to explore the desperate and remarkable ways in which a community survives. The result is a dramatic narrative of individuals at work, and a rich portrait of a community. But while excavating the efforts of men and women to generate a basic livelihood for themselves and their families, Off the Books offers a devastating critique of the entrenched poverty that we so often ignore in America, and reveals how the underground economy is an inevitable response to the ghetto's appalling isolation from the rest of the country.


Titre : Goldfinger
Auteur : Ian Fleming
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781448139316
Libération : 2012-07-01

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‘You’re stale, tired of having to be tough. You want a change. You’ve seen too much death’ In Fleming’s seventh 007 novel, a private assignment sets Bond on the trail of an enigmatic criminal mastermind – Auric Goldfinger. But greed and power have created a deadly opponent who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Pussy Galore returns...This edition includes an extract from the new official 007 adventure, Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz, which is set in 1957 two weeks after the events of Goldfinger and features some iconic characters from Fleming's original thriller.

Gang Leader for a Day

Titre : Gang Leader for a Day
Auteur : Sudhir Venkatesh
Éditeur : Penguin UK
ISBN-13 : 9780141920641
Libération : 2009-02-05

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Sudhir Venkatesh the young sociologist who became famous in Freakonomics (Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?) describes his time living with the gangs on the Southside of Chicago and answers another question: what's it like to live in hell? In the Robert Taylor Homes projects on Chicago's South Side, Sudhir befriends J.T., a gang leader for the Black Kings. As he slowly gains J.T.'s trust, one day, in order to convince Sudhir of his own CEO-like qualities, J.T. makes him leader of the gang... Why does J.T. make his henchmen, the 'shorties', stay in school? What is the difference between a 'regular' hustler and a 'hype' - and is Peanut telling him the truth about which she is? And, when the FBI finally starts cracking down on the Black Kings, is it time to get out - or is it too late?

A Brief History of Seven Killings

Titre : A Brief History of Seven Killings
Auteur : Marlon James
Éditeur : Oneworld Publications
ISBN-13 : 9781780745886
Libération : 2014-10-14

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WINNER MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2015 On 3 December 1976, just weeks before the general election and two days before Bob Marley was to play the Smile Jamaica Concert to ease political tensions, seven gunmen from West Kingston stormed his house with machine guns blazing. Marley survived and went on to perform at the free concert, but the next day he left the country, and didn’t return for two years. Not a lot was recorded about the fate of the seven gunmen, but much has been said, whispered and sung about in the streets of West Kingston, with information surfacing at odd times, only to sink into rumour and misinformation. Inspired by this near-mythic event, A Brief History of Seven Killings takes the form of an imagined oral biography, told by ghosts, witnesses, killers, members of parliament, drug dealers, conmen, beauty queens, FBI and CIA agents, reporters, journalists, and even Keith Richards' drug dealer. Marlon James’s bold undertaking traverses strange landscapes and shady characters, as motivations are examined — and questions asked — in this compelling novel of monumental scope and ambition.

L Ex cuteur no296 Dans la peau d un mafieux

Titre : L Ex cuteur no296 Dans la peau d un mafieux
Auteur : Don Pendleton
Éditeur : Exécuteur
ISBN-13 : 9782744317880
Libération : 2012-04-11

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"Les frères jumeaux Jimmy et Billy Taylor, boss d’un clan mafieux de Londres, ont quelques problèmes avec un clan chinois nouvellement installé. Ils attendent avec impatience l’arrivée d’Angelo di Pasquale, un tueur Italo- Américain qui doit les rejoindre dès qu’il aura terminé un contrat à Chicago, pour leur donner un coup de main. A Chicago, pendant ce temps, Mack Bolan, a un compte à régler depuis des mois avec un certain Angelo Di Pasquale, et décide d’en finir. Une fois le tueur envoyé en enfer, et avant de quitter son appartement, le Guerrier fouille l’ordinateur qui traîne sur le bureau et, parmi les e-mails récents, découvre la correspondance entre les Taylor et Angelo. La correspondance montrant à l’évidence que les Taylor et Angelo ne se sont jamais rencontrés, il décide de prendre le risque de se faire passer pour l’Italo-américain. Débarqué à Londres, le Guerrier va jouer un jeu très pervers pour obtenir le déclanchement d’une guerre à mort entre les deux clans. Les Anglais et les Chinois vont s’entre-tuer jusqu’au dernier avec l’aide bénévole et active de l’Exécuteur..."

Islands in the Street

Titre : Islands in the Street
Auteur : Martin Sanchez-Jankowski
Éditeur : Univ of California Press
ISBN-13 : 0520911318
Libération : 1991-04-08

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"Vivid, lively, and yet theoretically informed, a triumph of patient and sustained fieldwork. . . . Jankowski presents the gang and its members not as pathological departures from social norms, but as shrewd and resourceful operators."—Michael Lipsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Islands in the Street fills a wide gap in the literature on gangs. Jankowski's innovative model of gang participation and organization is important and elegant, guaranteeing that this will be the book on gangs for the next ten years, if not longer."—Ruth Horowitz, University of Delaware

Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue

Titre : Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue
Auteur : Terri Brisbin
Éditeur : Harlequin
ISBN-13 : 9781488004414
Libération : 2016-10-01

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The Highlander's prisoner There's more to hardened outlaw Niall Corbett than meets the eye. Despite his merciless reputation, he's on a mission he must defend with his life. One that means taking beautiful Fia Mackintosh prisoner for her own protection! Fia may have dreamed of being swept away by a gorgeous Highlander, but never of being held hostage by a gang of outlaws! While her head screams for her to run, her heart beats a little too fast for her captor, a man she shouldn't, yet can't help but trust…